Main Services Overview

Business Consulting

Helping organisations both large and small to develop and enhance their information security functions through pro-active business and stakeholder engagement. I have helped organisations implement radical changes to their information security functions through relationships with CTOs, CIOs and heads of departments in order to maximise investment and build a future capability.

Technical Installations

Designing and implementing security solutions to meet organisational and business needs. I have designed and installed information security solutions for clients across many sectors and industries. Solutions range from PKIs, facial recognition systems, two factor authentication (2FA) systems, VPNs, firewalls and many more.

Security Risk and compliance

Information security risk analysis through structured methods enabling compliance to many information security regulations and standards. I have helped organisations develop and implement risk assessment processes, compliance and control frameworks to cover areas such as NYDFS, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ISO27001 and the ISF Standard of Good Practice.